What features, modules and integrations are in the pipeline?

I have seen there are some new and exciting features, modules and integrations in the pipeline. I see information about some of them then struggle to find it again. If anyone has any information regarding any of them maybe you could post them in this thread. The ones I am aware of are:

  1. Healthcare module - though not sure of the timeframe for this maybe someone else does

  2. Resturant - I can’t find the information for this again. Can anyone confirm if this is happening and maybe the timeframe for it

  3. Zapier integration - Is this happening and if so does anyone know the timeframe for it?

Very much looking forward to those three. Maybe you know of anymore?

Version 9 roadmap from the foundation is available here

That is useful. I think partners and the community are also developing things not on there.

True. But in open source this often happens.

I think the roadmap should have a greater prominence on the site and / or forum though . Ie as a Sticky as it’s not so easy to find.
I’m not sure how many if the extended community are aware of it too

Actually seeing it for the first time! Thanks for posting this!