What happened to customer role under setup/user/username settings?

just got this error when clicking on setup\role:
Warning: Unable to find doctype in any table related to Role
Warning: Unable to find user in any table related to Role

ok a reload cleared the above error up what is weird is that we havent done anything to roles as we have been using it internaly and testing we just wanted to start using customers and found the role not there on a new user.

Check Roles list to check if Customer’s role is disable in your ERPNext account. Please note that Customer role is assigned to your Customer, if you add them as a User in your ERPNext account. If it’s for your Employees, then Sales Master Manager role will be sufficient for managing Customer master.

setup/Role has customer and is enabled
setup/User does not have customer as an option
user linked to company in selling/contact and is primary contact

also just discovered that setup/users/administrator also does not have a customer role entry?

I have not really done any customization to roles or user permissions is there a reset that will bring back roles to factory default and enable me to choose customer role in user. it really seems like its a bug or corupption but wil the limted documentation and granilarity of the system its hard for me to tell. this is basically holding me up from rolling this out becuase when i sign up a user i want them to have access to desk for ticket and support, help desk, and in the future their invoice reports but no other features that show up now like email inbox, todo, explore.

Hi @imllc

Kindly enable the desk access option to the role Customer to view it under user’s role.

I did that prior to post this does not allow customer to show under user. I just di that again same result not availible as a choice.

ok something has changed as of 8.10 customer is now availble but why does customer have access to these 9 desk items File manager, HR,Explore, Learn and manufaturing should not be there for a customer by default:

why is this a default for customer role they should not access to this?