What happened to the post about forking ERPNext?

I can’t find it. Was it removed?

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yeah me too, i think all posts including different opinions should not be removed

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@a.elhaidary Why?

dont know, i know there was different opinions, but we are an open community, and difference of opinions is a must for a healthy coversation and a healthy development of frappe and erpnext,


My thoughts exactly. I appreciate the fact that the Moderators have good reasons to not encourage divergent views but diversity is necessary, as you say. It would be wrong to remove such a post because a lot of people have invested their time and energy discussing something important to them in that thread. At least, if worth the effort, it would be better to move the discussion to another forum like Reddit.

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My take here is I don’t believe anything that sinister or suspicious happened - my theory is the poster had second thoughts and wished to be taken off the record which may require a Moderator’s help?

It seems @anon-forker simply chose to close their account and remove their posts, as any user has the right to do.

I agree that thread was informative and the discussion worthwhile.

What a pity too the thoughtful dialogue from others is also gone forever - that hurts somewhat too.

In the spirit of openness possibly @anon-forker will reconsider - Discourse seems to have a tool for users to download all their posts, maybe it can be restored too?


We need come up with some general rules about this forum including anonymous posting. The thread was removed for various reasons, if you want to discuss them, start again, but no 2nd person and no anonymous opinion.

I would like to see the deleted post to be restored with a closed status.

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Any post relating to governance, should not be anonymous. This is not reddit. If you want to influence the direction of the project, you must be willing to show up with your real identity.

@anon-forker please come public with your intentions. A lot of members here share some of your frustrations, and if a fork can help resolve those the ERPNext community will benefit, as yours will with some of the support you’re likely to get.

@anon-forker you most likely have email threads of the whole discussion, you can post that outside this forum for interested parties.

I’m satisfied with the reason behind the moderation. If there are no further additions I’ll suggest we close this topic.

I can’t; my posts keep getting deleted. I responded to @clarkej’s post, but my post was removed.

I think stability is key and we need long term support release. Which the only way to do is getting more people involved. It’s been on my mind for a while to really try and get association in my area involved because I feel this is one of the best ERP systems that I have worked with. It matched flexibility with features. Though we had to do 3 migrations to odoo from erpnext because of stability.

@anon-forker please use a non anonymous account so the community can follow and participate.

@woakes070048 I share your concern. I have personally had similar struggles getting started. I’m quite pleased supporting my clients on the more stable v10. I believe v11’s delayed release is because the leadership appreciates and wants more stability. @rmehta says something similar in his latest update on v11.

I look forward to growing with ERPNext and giving back as much as possible. This can easily become the best ERP if it continues on this trajectory.

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I’ve added my name and my photo to my profile, as requested. If this conversation is to continue, however, it will have to be on another forum.


Dear All,

I am not yet an active user, let alone a contributor to ERPNext, but have been following its progress and have been testing is “on the side” as an alternative to our current ERP system for some time new.

In the past I have always enjoyed the discussions on this forum and was very happy with the open community spirit and the amicable tone.

And yes, while I too wondered about the post in question having been sent from an anonymous account, I could see nothing negative in the content, tone or demeanor of the request and again, the responses from the community were critical, yet constructive and generally “embracing”.

That is, until @rmehta stepped in, chose to ignore the original question and intent of the post and worse, chose to ignore the spirit of the discussion and responded in a fashion that reminded me very much of a child throwing a tantrum - and besides, also very much of the way in which the CEO of another (now) large ERP used to respond to such posts in their forum some 5-8 years ago, ultimately alienating the entire community.

And to now have to experience another true hallmark of things going downhill with a community, the (s)elective deletion of posts containing opinions that are not in line with one’s own stanza and for obscure reasons such as “governance discussions not being compatible with anon posting” when the post in question had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with “governance”, to me is more than just alarming!

I applaude @anon-forker, or perhaps I should say I applaude Dan Franklin, for not having ducked away and I urge @rmehta to reconsider his stanza on this issue and to enter into a positive, constructive and worthwhile (!) discussion of the points raised by Dan.

Kind regards,
Dr. Ingmar Gutberlet


There was only one constructive point, about Payment Entry, which we would be happy to take forward if there is a solution.

There are 1700+ forks of ERPNext, so we are happy for one more. https://github.com/frappe/erpnext/network/members

Let us discuss specific points relating to design or architecture or governance. In a new thread.