What happens on "Get Updates"?

Hi all,

in ERPNext, there is a text box at the lower right to enter an email address, then click “Get Updates”. After that, an email is sent to the address to active the email.

But what happens then? I have tried this, activated an email, but cannot seem to find this anywhere… where are the addresses of people who would like to get updates stored?

Ah, maybe this saves someone some time who is also looking for this…

It creates an Email Group (/desk#Form/Email Group/Webseite) called “Website” and fills the contact into the group. Nice :wink:

@lasalesi I possible disable ou hidden this field?



You can check the “Hide Footer Signup” box in the “Footer” section of Website Settings. That should hide the Get Updates element.


@RohanB thank you very much.

Could you remove the link to the ERPNEXT site as well?

This functionality no longer adds the email to the email group called Website, as of V19