What is a Private bench in FrappeCloud?


There is very less to no documentation on what all entails in the private bench. Below is the only link I found on private bench

Can more info be provided on:

  1. How to migrate existing sites from public to private bench,
  2. Is bench CLI is available
  3. To what extent we can customize our installation
  1. You can backup from the existing sites, then upload the three backup files to you new site in the private bench.

  2. I don’t see any bench CLI available on Frappe Cloud so far.

  3. You can customize it as much as you can just like what you are doing in your own server.

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We have used a private bench for some time for a project.

  1. We have not seen a direct way to migrate a site to private. However, using the backup and migrate feature of FrappeCloud was easy enough. It takes almost no time. So, you can for example create a new site private and configure everything and then point the domain to it thereby having almost no downtime.
  2. We have not seen any option for using the CLI. Whatever operation is available in UI can be used. This includes backup, clear cache, migrate & drop-site.
  3. Any customization possible from an app should be possible. In a private bench, you can bring in your custom apps to the bench from Git repo.

Received this response from the FrappeCloud Team.


I’ve spent time and money investigating frappecloud and it’s been a big disappointment.

It’s seems ok for simple out of the box Erpnext deployments… but I can’t imagine trying to use the service for devops.

Perhaps I’m wrong, but if so they should properly document its capabilities because we can’t figure it out and the ticket support is not at all sufficient.

Hi @Jake_Edwards

What were the challenges that you were facing?

I do agree that as of now, it is good for simple deployments with no customizations.
A private bench does support it via custom apps, but updating the apps is not intuitive, and will take some trial and error before you can get it to work.