What is Allocated amount on Gross Profit Report?

Any one can tell me what is the Allocated amount on the Gross Profit Report - Group by Sales Person.

Some constructives way to find out for yourself -

  1. isolate one line item, and from other related reports identify how Allocated Amount is calculated - the idea is to derive or discover what contributes to it. You can download a spreadsheet to check amounts if that works for you.

  2. find and browse the report code on github
    The code can give lots of clues and insight

Too bad demo.erpnext.com has insufficient test data to illustrate Gross Profit to help in your case.

And the report is a warren is function and filter driven so what contributes to what is magic that is beyond me without

Another strategy is to inspect the database!?

Allocated Amount maybe the Sales Person Contribution Amount.

On all sales Invoices there is a section to enter Sales Person Name and contribution percentage. In our case it is mandatory to provide the sales person information there. And by default the contribution is 100% and only one sales person involving on each sales.

I found the table though customize form (Sales Invoice → Sales Team)

If it is correct, then the value on the report (see my screenshot on question) is very less… Which means allocated amount is not updating properly?

Hi Riyas_Rawther please what did you find or conclude here, were you able to identify the source of your problem here, whether say it was report or data specific?