What is alternative to 'bench frappe --latest' in v5?

I have installed custom app, but custom fields are not updating.
I see custom field in UI, but this is not updated in database.

When I save from it shows following error.

Traceback (innermost last):
  File "/home/sambhaji/v5dev/frappe-bench-5/apps/frappe/frappe/app.py", line 51, in application
    response = frappe.handler.handle()
  File "/home/sambhaji/v5dev/frappe-bench-5/apps/frappe/frappe/handler.py", line 70, in handle
  File "/home/sambhaji/v5dev/frappe-bench-5/apps/frappe/frappe/handler.py", line 93, in execute_cmd
    ret = frappe.call(method, **frappe.form_dict)
  File "/home/sambhaji/v5dev/frappe-bench-5/apps/frappe/frappe/__init__.py", line 742, in call
    return fn(*args, **newargs)
  File "/home/sambhaji/v5dev/frappe-bench-5/apps/frappe/frappe/desk/form/save.py", line 18, in savedocs
  File "/home/sambhaji/v5dev/frappe-bench-5/apps/frappe/frappe/model/document.py", line 214, in save
  File "/home/sambhaji/v5dev/frappe-bench-5/apps/frappe/frappe/model/document.py", line 186, in insert
  File "/home/sambhaji/v5dev/frappe-bench-5/apps/frappe/frappe/model/base_document.py", line 254, in db_insert
    ), d.values())
  File "/home/sambhaji/v5dev/frappe-bench-5/apps/frappe/frappe/database.py", line 135, in sql
    self._cursor.execute(query, values)
  File "/home/sambhaji/v5dev/frappe-bench-5/env/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/MySQLdb/cursors.py", line 205, in execute
    self.errorhandler(self, exc, value)
  File "/home/sambhaji/v5dev/frappe-bench-5/env/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/MySQLdb/connections.py", line 36, in defaulterrorhandler
    raise errorclass, errorvalue
 OperationalError: (1054, "Unknown column 'response_reason' in 'field list'")

bench retry-upgrade

If I am not wrong.

bench retry-upgrade

this is not updating custom field, I have also tried bench migrate

Already up-to-date.
From https://github.com/frappe/erpnext
 * branch            develop    -> FETCH_HEAD
Already up-to-date.
Migrating site2.local
Updating frappe                     : [========================================]
Updating erpnext                    : [========================================]
Wrote ./assets/js/print_format_v3.min.js - 18k
Wrote ./assets/js/frappe-web.min.js - 97k
Wrote ./assets/js/form.min.js - 90k
Wrote ./assets/js/report.min.js - 154k
Wrote ./assets/js/erpnext.min.js - 31k
Wrote ./assets/css/list.min.css - 5k
Wrote ./assets/js/erpnext-web.min.js - 1k
Wrote ./assets/css/report.min.css - 7k
Wrote ./assets/css/frappe-web.css - 53k
Wrote ./assets/js/list.min.js - 59k
Wrote ./assets/js/desk.min.js - 369k
Wrote ./assets/css/form.min.css - 1k
Wrote ./assets/js/editor.min.js - 26k
Wrote ./assets/css/erpnext.css - 1k
Wrote ./assets/css/desk.min.css - 252k
Wrote ./assets/js/module.min.js - 5k
Wrote ./assets/css/module.min.css - 0k
frappe-web: stopped
frappe-workerbeat: stopped
frappe-worker: stopped
frappe-workerbeat: started
frappe-worker: started
frappe-web: started
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Why my app is not listed in updating event?
Updating myapp *******************

have you installed the app, you need to first install the app

I have installed app.

I found one solution,

  1. Export Custom Field from developer machine
  2. Import Custom Field using data import tool in production server

This works,

I am on v5, I noticed in v5 fixtures are in .json format and in v4 its in .csv.

Did you add it to hooks?

yes! That’s true

Yes, I have added it hooks.

From where I can look installed app. In UI it shows app is installed.
We also tried remove from installed app command and again installed app.

Also, Is there any problem if we installed frappe using newly created user instead of root user?
I have installed frappe using new user on ubuntu 14.04.
System works ok.

I see custom print format and custom script is added
only one problem related to custom field.