What is best way to receive items from customer for repair?

As part of a chemical supply company we also assist our customers by offering to repair the equipment they use with our chemicals.

These can be sprayers, mixers, liquid heaters or coolers, etc.

Sometimes the equipment is something we sold them to use with our chemicals and sometimes they are older equipment from vendors that no longer exist as a business. Regardless, we will repair them in order to keep the account.

How can I receive a customer item for repair at zero value or some other value as a used item in order to keep track of it as we repair it?

We will obviously open a sales order against the repair so we can track the labor time and the cost of parts. The Sales Order will probably give us the vehicle for billing the repair and transferring it out of our system once the repair is completed, paid, and picked up by customer.

My problem is not knowing how to get the repairable item into my system to start the process and how to reference it in the sales order?

Any guidance out there for this? Everything I have searched on the forum points to either dead links or maintenance of company assets. Neither of those help me.

I did find one link to a 4 year old article by @Pawan about creating a material entry, but that term is not valid in modern documentation and there is no reference on how to initiate the process.

Here is the link to that article:
ERPNext for Repair service

Hoping someone here recognizes this business model and has experience to point me in the right direction.

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Material Entry is nothing but a Stock entry with type of “Material Receipt”. I assume that this is the terminology that could be confusing you.

:upside_down_face: Yup, that was my source of confusion.

Any advice on how I can associate the inbound item for repair to the sales order I create to track the charges?

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the company i work for is a computer repair center and we use custom doctype to keep track of everything, and a separate product list to enter details of items that can be repaired(as an item list ), we add all billable items, in the item list and created a table in the above custom doctype where the technicians will add what to bill for, (material issue is used for keeping track of item consumption and stufff, sales invoice is billed without update item) then using a custom button, we take all those data into a sales invoice and bill them.


You will need to use serial controlled item functionality at Item master level. The repair order is the equivalent of a sales order as stated in the article and serial no can be added there for tracking purposes via some customization (not sure if it already exists in newer versions).

You could also create an entire custom doctype, if you do not want to introduce serial order functionality in Sales Order.