What is company credit limit?

  1. What is the purpose of credit limit field in company doctype ?

  2. Is this kept by keeping in mind some futuristic scope ? If yes what is that ?

The Company setup DocType doesn’t have a Credit Limit field. Do you maybe mean Customer? Here this is the maximum amount of outstanding invoices that is allowed for that customer.

please check the company doctype screenshot below

Please note payment terms is being completely rewritten so much more capabilities will be available soon

If you leave this field at zero, it has no effect.

But if you put a figure there that figure will be the default credit limit for all customers.

This company limit can however be overriding at customer level, but if there is no limit set for a customer, the company credit limit will be the default.


There is no company field in customer.
Customer and company are not linked with each other.

How will it function ? When there are multiple companies ? As customer and company is not mapped with each other.

Why not test it?

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Did you test it for multi-company?