What is Custom? and Beta checkbox in DocType Settings

What does the Custom? and Beta checkbox in DocType settings do?

Custom means you have created a custom DocType (aka Table) into de database, that DocType only is available in your db, what means you can’t write a controller to control him.

Beta is just one flag, to tell that something is new, and may can change in next versions, also the beta display in the UI a little warning, for users, keep warned that what they see in the screen is not the final version.

So when I develop a new custom app and create a DocType for the app’s model I can leave them both uncheck, right?

@ARAGATO yes, for DocTypes you want they be controlled by an app, you need uncheck the “Custom” option


hi, i know that this is not the place where i have to write but i’ve created 2 topics in the forum with not answer, i have details with student applicant in an education domain.

I create a student applicant, then in another browser i create an student account in the registration page, i receive the mail, create a password, and when i try to apply to the student applicant published in the frontend, i only see a message that says “nothing to show”.

i’ve enabled in the role management permissions for student applicant and web forms in the student profile but i can’t make it work it.

What is wrong?

In version 11 i could do it without problem, in fact, i tried to install V11 and now neither works the student applicant, i get this message when i try to see in the website the student applicant created “{{ title or ((“{0} List”).format((doctype))) }}”, i see that even in the virtual machine image that is in the download page, what happened?

Sorry for asking you here and thanks in advance.

got same issue! Have you found the solution? if so, Could you please share it here? Thanks in advance!