What is difference between manufacturer and supplier?

Hi I cannot find any answers to it? Anyone knows what the difference it is? And how it affects? Thanks.

A manufacturer is the company who produces an item. Whether supplier supplies it or sells it to end users. IN ERPNext, a manufacturer can also be supplier and vice-versa.

Hi @nabinhait Thanks for your reply. If I subtract some manufactuing of the product to the company and I do the rest of the work like packaking etc. What sole of the company is it?
If I bought leather from another company, what is it? I tried to clear up your reply. Thanks so much for your support.

In context of erpnext, a subcontractor is treated as a Supplier.


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Hi @nabinhait Thank you so much. Appreciate your prompt support. Have a great weekend.

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Looking at this answer, then what’s the purpose of manufacturer table, item_Manufacturers?

A supplier provide stock part (standard part), it can be a manufacturer or not.
A subcontractor manufacture or provide services (assembly…) according to your need.

As per Manufacturer alone, it seems that doesn’t means anything in a supply chain.