What is "Email by Document Field" in Email Alert?

Hi Experts,

Everything about Email alert is pretty clear except ‘Email by Document Field’. Having browsed through all earlier topics, it still remains unanswered. So Here’s my question.

The ‘default’ ‘Email by Document Field’ is ‘owner’. Some DocTypes such as Sale Invoice have a field contact_email that is listed here.

How do we get a DocType to support other sources of email. For example, If the selected DocType is Asset Movement, with Sender and Recepient (Employee) who have email addresses, how do we get to select the fields containing their emails in ‘Email by Document Field’?

In my case I have tried creating a custom readonly field echoing the Email (e.g. Selecting Employee shows Company Email) but it still doesn’t show up under ‘Email by Document Field’.

Anyone with a solid solution for this? Thanks in advance.

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The custom field you have created, in its option, it should be Email. All fields which have Option as Email shows up for selection in “Email by Document Field”


Thanks Kanchan. As always you are lightning fast!

  1. I went to DocTypes but couldn’t find a DocType called Email. How’s that?
  2. Finally, Do you have example of how to set the read only field ‘Email’ when another is field selected?

Much appreciated. Thanks.

Not in Email, in Asset Movement in your case.

Oh I understood you correctly, what I’m saying is in the master DocTypes in ERPNext there’s no DocType like Email. So when you put Email in options for custom field…Error.

Interestingly, I can see it being used elsewhere. That’s where I get confused.

I got my mistake. Set Type to ‘Data’ and 'Emai’l in Options. Was selecting ‘Link’ as Type. Thanks for the pointer.