What is "employee_self_service" in the site_config.json file?

After doing several sandbox v13 production servers today I noticed that they all have this new line item in the site_congif.json file. It looks something like this:

"db_type": "mariadb", "user_type_doctype_limit": { "employee_self_service": 10 }

What is the line “employee_self_service” and how does it affect the system?
How should it be set for systems with 20 or more users?

I could not find any documentation on this so I thought I would post the question.


To handle the case of limited access of documents for the employees by default ERPNext has added a new user type ‘Employee Self Service’.

Somewhat related doc https://docs.erpnext.com/docs/user/manual/en/setting-up/users-and-permissions/limited-user

Someone asked this before. Employee Self Service v13

The spec [Request for Comments] Introducing User Type for restricted user

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