What is functional of scrap items in Job Card

i input a scrap item in a job card, i thought it will automatically generate a stock entry for replenishment for production, when i submit the job card. actually after i finished work order and every thing, i did not see anything about the scrap item i inputted in.

@RoyHu scrap items are the unusable materials from a manufacturing operation. for example if you making a chair from a piece of wood . you might have some wood pieces left that can be used to create something else .

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@bahaou ,thank you for your input!
i am thinking about different situation like this, i am assembling 100 iphones, need 100 pieces of shells as raw material which will be record as stock out in the system, during assembling, has been broken 5 pieces of shells, to finish assembling 100 iphones, need 5 more shells bring in from warehouse to workshop, in the end, the cost is 105 shells. how do we handle this situation if scrap items is not for it?