What is Google Maps used for?

Hello friends.
I am using v10. In the Integrations module I can see a section to integrate Google Maps but I don’t know what it is used for, and the ERPnext official User Manual lacks of information about integrating Google Maps. Anyone using this feature? Please share your knowledge. Thanks friends!

Apparently for eg the Agriculture module - for clues this may help Search results for 'google maps' - Frappe Forum

Hello sir. Thank your for your answer. Is it only for Agriculture or also for something else?

You seek cases where ERPNext uses Google Maps, yes? You may want to search for that as I have no specific knowledge other than to search that myself!

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ok on second thought a street address or postal code, and not just a geographic location, is sufficient to plot for eg a customer location on a Google Map

Thank you sir! I will give it a try and find out.