What is PAN in the Supplier Doctype?

there is a field named PAN in the Supplier Doctype

what is that for?

I think it’s known as the Permanent account number to for income tax person issued in India.

I think UK equivalent would be the UTR (Unique Tax Reference).



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thanks for clarifying

  1. so there would be a Tax ID and a PAN for companies in India?
  2. if this is a specific thing in India, does this qualify for being in the core (even though I historically understand why an India specific field would exist)?
  3. If someone not based in India wanted to re-purpose that field, would it be any harm to just rename it via Customize Form, or is it generally a better practice to hide the PAN field and create whatever custom field you’d need instead? (*)

(*) how could you check what it is being linked to in order to find that out?

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  1. Sorry, I am not familiar with India Tax system so not sure if they have a separate tax ID.
  2. I believe the term PAN is specific to India. However, in the UK, we would call that the UTR (Unique Tax Reference) and in Tax ID you could use that for the VAT number. However, for ease of use, I have created my own custom fields with correct descriptions.
  3. I am not sure where that is linked. I have still to delve into the back end database.
    A quick fix could be to be ability to hide the fields without having to go into developer mode (as Supplier is a core docType) and just create your custom fields for the values you want.


That brings the question of development of regional extensions… There is a wonderful directory called regional under the app folder. We should place regional integrations and stuff accordingly here.
That should also go into the development advisory as well.
We are getting a larger group of developers and keep the core separate from regional specifics.

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I think that’s exactly what this is meant for. Can be it is not yet exectued in all consequence.

Where and how do I either report or correct translation issues? This PAN is translated horribly wrong into German: It’s translated to the equivalent of the cooking utensil “pan” and makes absolutely no sense at all, ofc.!!!

I am glad I know my English fairly well, otherwise I might not have found this thread at all, explaining the meaning of it at least.

Custom Translations.

This may help.

Thank you, @Muzzy, but the translation error is in the program form. The linked multi language printing doesn’t solve this issue.