What is permision level used for


i wondering how to use permision level in custom field…
i think its to show/hide a field…
but i had tried but i cant use it, this is how i use it… please tell me where im wrong :

the case:
i want to make my warehouse user when open delivery note they not see the prices


  1. im enter custome field
  2. select delivery note items
  3. set rate and ammount to be not in list view , and set the permission level to be 1
  4. add permission lvl 1 to delivery note for my warehouse user

but what i get is, the rate is still shown in the list, and in the detail is still not being hide also

please enlight me


If you assign a role to access only perm level 0, then the user will be
able to see only fields which have perm level 0. In other word, if you
want to show a field to a role, you have to give at-least READ
permission for that perm level.

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd