What is required for a blogger to show up?

I have just tried to create a new blogger where the user associated with it did not have Blogger permissions. Creating the blogger did not produce any errors, but the blogger does not show up in the blogger list. I also can not create another new blogger with the same short name as ERPNext claims the blogger exists.

Further, after adding the “Blogger” permission to the user, it still does not show up in the blogger list. Nor does a new blogger that’s tied to that same user after adding that permission in.

How do I get the blogger to show up in the blogger list so I can delete or edit it? What’s preventing it from showing up in the list, there are no filters on the list?

This seems like a bug - the blogger entry exists somewhere, but it won’t show.

ERPNext 14.41.1
Frappe 14.51.0

Hi @adampb,

If you haven’t checked the documentation, then please check it.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!