What is the architectural base for ERPNext?

@rushabh_mehta, is ERPNext a monolithic architecture or service-based? My team is looking to deploy the architecture but needs to know in case we want to build custom modules open the existing production. Thanks!

It’s all based on open source. Python, Javascript, MaridaDB(Which is a mysql fork), nginx as the web server.

@DrTrills Thanks, but it doesn’t answer the question. I gathered that from the documentation.
@rushabh_mehta Is this a service-based architecture? My team is evaluating deploying this software and would prefer service-based so we can scale to our different locations. Thanks!

what do you mean service based and monolithic ?

@arij1234 maybe if you elaborate more better the question, everyone here can help you!

Just tell about what do you are looking for understand, or which features in the core you are seeking, and we can help you with this answer!

@arij1234 hi, if you want to do customization… you can ask free lancer… so you can pay as for your spesific customiztation… or pay ERP Next team to do yours…

@arij1234 did you go through the tutorial?


@rmehta Yes, I did. I downloaded the code as well. I’m new to this so I’m trying to learn the basics here. From the look of it, this system looks substantial enough to be service-based, but I’d like to confirm. Thanks.

@arij1234 if you consider frappe-apps as services, then yes, it has a service oriented architecture

We (4 active users) started using ERPNext 4 on self hosted server as is.
Over the period we found exactly what extra we need and I developed Civil Contracting app on Frappe.

Now we are using latest frappe + latest erpnext + custom civil contracting app.

There is no compromise on updates for frappe and erpnext due to customization



Service-oriented architecture

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