What is the best method to run ERPNext on Windows in a production environment?

We are opening a new store in the United Arab Emirates. What would be the optimal solution for us to locally run an ERPNext server on Windows? We plan to move or connect to the cloud after a term.

  1. Docker
  2. Production image (OVA)
  3. WSL

Question 1: Does using the production image in VirtualBox risk our critical data from being corrupted if we accidentally lose electricity that abruptly shuts the instance down?

Question 2: Is using docker only meant for development purposes?

Question 3: Will WSL do fine to host an ERPNext server since it is new to Windows?

Note: The data is critical, we cannot afford to lose it.



Data is “critical “ forget Windows.

Using virtual machine is a plus, because you can make snapshots (clone) and immediately try out new Doctypes ect.

You can manage in virtual machine your backups + you can download/backup the entire system as an .ova file.

Hope this helps to decide.

  • Question1:

Electric interruption can harvest your data + damage your computer.
Use UPS (uninterruptible power supply).
It is the only solution agains power loss, or rent a server in a server park, provider may taking care of the backups and to run the server, depending of the fee.

If you plan to use POS at the store here’s what you need to do

  1. Install ERPNext on cloud server
  2. Use Offline POS at the store on a laptop. It syncs every 3 minutes to server
  3. Get UPS of about 7000kv. May run only for about 10 15 minutes which is good enough for UAE. Plus laptop has power battery.

Good luck

Master Slave replication is worth consideration too

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