What is the best option to move data from Odoo ERP to ERPNEXT

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We are shifting from Odoo ERP to ERPNEXT and need to move all history data from Odoo to ERPNEXT. What is the best option? Is this the correct approach or we shall look at alternatives. Kindly advise as we do not intend to keep Odoo access in future due to add-on expenses.

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Drawing from my experience as a Financial Manager proficient in both Odoo and ERPNext, having successfully transitioned from Odoo to ERPNext and actively participated in the implementation of both systems, I highly advise initiating the switch at the commencement of the fiscal period, be it on January 1st or March 1st.

During this transitional phase, it is crucial to optimize the time gap by extensively training your staff. I emphasize the importance of operating in both systems concurrently for a period, ensuring comprehensive and ongoing training. This approach allows for a smoother transition, enabling personnel to acquire proficiency while maintaining reliable accounting information in the original software.

Rather than advocating for a specific software preference, my foremost recommendation is to heavily invest in training. Allocating resources to comprehensive staff education will prove invaluable during the transition. Moreover, I suggest refraining from allocating resources to migrate historical data, as this process tends to be complex. Instead, focus on establishing accurate opening balances as a starting point for the new system.

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Hey, check out this. You will have to do some development to map the data. I used this to export data from Odoo to any Frappe app.

Wow! This would make for a great demo of conversion capabilities… moving from one ERP to ERPNext! Can’t wait to see the Netflix series. Keep us ‘up-to-date’ with your progress.

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