What is the diff between KRA and Employee Feedback?

We have Employee Performance Feedback and Feedback Criteria but also have KRA for appraisal. What the difference between those 2?

Hello @oscarutomo I’m trying to locate the Employee Feedback Criteria and the KRA for appraisals. Can you tell me where they are?

have you installed HRMS app?
It is inside HR module


Weird. We do have the HR module. I went to the Performance workspace and this is what I see:

I also went to /app/employee-feedback-criteria but it’s saying that the page doesn’t exist.

Are you login as administrator?

Yes I am.

i suggest 2 things:

  1. check your permission

  2. check if you have Employee Feedback folder in your /frappe-bench/apps directory

I’m using erpnext 14 and once i installed HR module, it is showing straight away