What is the difference between "Document Naming Rule" and "Document Naming Settings"?

The setup pages for both look similar . I see in docs that the introduction page of Document Naming Rule List is canceled, is it not recommended to use Document Naming Rule anymore?

If you want to set the series based on certain conditions, use Document Naming Rule. If you don’t want any conditions and you want a stable series, use Document Naming Settings.

Imagine you want to name documents differently based on their priority.

  1. Document Naming Rule:
  • You use this when you want to name documents based on conditions.
  • Example: If the priority is high, you want the series to start with “HIGH”. If the priority is low, the series starts with “LOW”. You create a naming rule that checks the priority field. If it’s high, the document name might be “HIGH-0001”. If it’s low, the document name might be “LOW-0001”.
  1. Document Naming Settings:
  • Use this when you want a stable, unchanging series for all documents of a type.
  • Example: All sales invoices start with “INV-” followed by a number, like “INV-0001”. You set a default series for sales invoices. Every new invoice follows this series without checking any conditions.

Explained very clearly , thanks