What is the "Is Template" checkbox in the Task Master?


In Docs, it is written:

  • Is Template : This box can be checked to indicate that this task is a template task, and is meant to be used in a Project Template.

Still I am not able to get it. Also, I noticed that there are two fields depends on this option; Begin on and Duration fields.

If you check Is Template, that particular task will be consider as template. and is meant to be used in a Project Template.

Read this document Tasks

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Thanks dear.

Not satisfied with the answer.

Can you please help in understanding how to use Task Template?

I have the following tasks

  1. Billing
  2. Task Group = Sample Collection
    2.1. Sample collection
    2.2. Dispatch sample
  3. Report
    3.1. Upload report
    3.2 Interpret report
  4. Teleconsult
    4.1 Pre Teleconsult Patient Preparation
    4.2. Teleconsult
    4.3. Teleconsult report preparation
    4.4. Share report
    I want to create a Task Template for all the above tasks and Attach the Task template to Project Template. So that i can use this project template in multiple projects.