What is the lastest stable version i can use for development we r in : 23 sep 2019

i need to develop erpnext and deliver what i develop to clients so
what is the latest version and appropriate to do this ?
v 11.1.49
v 12

we r in : 23 sep 2019

thanks in advance

I am using v12 in production. Working fine

but i need to add new features
and i do not want to be busy with fixing bugs for development version
so that i need stable version for development and production

v12 has two versions. Development version and stable version for production environment.
Please head over to this link for easy setup of v12 stable production environment.
Easy Install ERPNext latest stable version

To know more about the version head over to github link:

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You can always add new features with custom apps.

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thanks so much my bro