What is the Maximum Size of the Self-hosting Version?

Hello, I just wanted to ask. I opted for the self-hosting version of the ERPnext. I am wondering what the maximum size or the limit of the DB (I hope I am not wrong in understanding this as DataBase) is? Thank you in advance!


You’re really only limited by the scope and size of your instance and not the application or the database itself. In theory, the database size can grow to as much as is required for your instance to maintain all records. I have seen a few posts of databases as large as 10GB but this I assume essentially means it is in an instance with hardware resources capable of handling a database of that size.

So whatever your database size, ensure that your computer hardware has the capacity to handle such a size and it would not be a bad idea to also take steps to optimize your MariaDB config so the size of data that needs to be pored through does not become a hindrance to smooth operations of your application.

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Agree with @flexy2ky. In theory, there is no limit.

Besides hardware, I would like to highlight that as your database grows larger, it becomes more and more important to optimize the SQL indexes. This optimization varies for everyone. Because every ERPNext installation is different:

  • Is your business retailers, manufacturing, or distribution, other?
  • What modules are you using?
  • What tables are written to the most?
  • Are you periodically deleting or archiving old data?

Because there are so many “variables” in what people are using Frappe/ERPNext to accomplish, it’s impossible to create a “One Size Fits All” index strategy.

Without changing hardware, I’ve analyzed client’s SQL queries that took 20+ minutes to complete, and made them finish in under 2 seconds. Just by optimizing my queries, indexes, and index hints.

Hardware can help, but often the root cause of database performance is simply bad schema design, or bad query plans.

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Oh, ok, I didn’t know that those has to be done, no wonder my physical server keeps failing me… Thanks!