What is the meaning of private and public files

When creating a backup, there are option of exporting private and public files. What do they mean exactly?

Now there are certain situations that it may fall under. But lets consider examples?

  1. Customization of doctypes. is this data private or public.
  2. Logo of Erpnext, this is static data. will this be private or public?
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Would be interested to know too

Public files are those that are accessible directly through the web, without needing an active session, ie, being logged in to the ERPNext/Frappe instance.

Private files, as you’d assume, need an active session, ie, person needs to be logged into Frappe/ERPNext in order to access them.

Logos, images, etc which will end up on a website should be public files

Attachments used internally such as vendor invoice copies, data import files, etc would fall under Private files category.

  1. These are stored in the database and not file level

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