What is the meaning of Yellow & Green colour in Items

While entering a Purchase Invoice, items are getting a yellow colour dot before the item name and sometimes it is showing a Green Colour Dot, what is the meaning of this

@Ravi_Kumar_Tenneti, If the item quantity is lesser than the received item quantity, it indicates a green color, else it indicates an orange color.

But we have not configured anything like - this much is the min order qty.

We are a small firm mostly into solutions and we buy certain components and sell them.

Is it possible to have some default settings on so that it will be saved without giving error messages, every time I am trying to save something, it is giving some or other error. Sometimes, it is not giving an error but Not Saved is the message I am getting.

Request you to let me know how to sort out these small errors

@Ravi_Kumar_Tenneti, You can’t configure it, its written in the core files. I request you to go through some documentation, it will really help you avoid the small errors you are referring to.

For other queries, you can always expect help from the community forum.