What is the table in database or files in where to hide Support, Maintenance, Learn, etc at left side of explore menu?

Hi everybody.

I was looking in this forum about how to hide modules in left menu that I don’t need them. For example: Maintenance, Support, Learn, etc. Seems like it is not possible to hide them only with permissions.

Can you say me what is the table in database or files in where I can hide them manually?

I hope it can be possible to hide them editing in database table because I want to manage only 1 instance of ERPNext and having all sites in the same instance. I imagine in database is the possibility to hide the menu for each site I want to have.

Thanks in advanced for your help

Hi @fabyc,
if I understand you correctly you would like to hide not used modules…
Go to Explore > Setup > Show/Hide Modules, then select all users and disable them

You can also do this specifically per user.

Hope this helps.

Hi @lasalesi

I did the config you say me and all the options I found here in the forum. It is the same, the modules are showed in left menu: Accounts, Learning, HR, Website, Tools.


This might sound silly, but have you tried “Your name” (top right) > Reload ? This will clear the cache and apply new settings…

I ran a quick test and reduced all but Setup and it should look something like this (ERPNext: v8.8.3 (master))