What is the use and syntax for the user "home settings"

Can somebody explain me the use and syntax for the home settings on user allow modules? I find here the following string:
{“hidden_modules”: [“Website”, “Social”, “Marketplace”, “Getting Started”, “Assets”, “Quality Management”], “modules_by_category”: {“Modules”: [“Accounting”, “Selling”, “Buying”, “Stock”, “Assets”, “Projects”, “CRM”, “Support”, “HR”, “Quality Management”]}}

What is the syntax used here?

I’ma follow. I’m not getting the “Home Settings” under user account’s Allow Modules as well.

It looks like it’s a new addition. What version of erpnext are you using ? I’m seeing it on the latest version of v12


Right, I just remembered I wasn’t seeing this before.

I’m on
ERPNext: v12.0.8 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.0.8 (version-12)

@Rudi_Meylemans I can’t say why you have that syntax there. Perhaps it’s hiding some modules from the Allowed Modules ?

My Home Settings field is empty and I’m running on 12.1.1.

Did you hide some modules from the home? I did.
I’ll do the update and see whether something changes.

No I did not. Not necessary for my employees. I control what they see by user permissions and from business operations points of view.