What is update on eway bill generation using json file or through api (it's 2019 - I Have Suggestion )

I have seen some really old threads saying that you guys have added e-way bill generation to feature list but there is still no option to do that. if there is a way to do it i would like to know. it’s okay if it involves little programming

my suggestion is (need help doing it and finding pros/cons) :

e-way bill portal provides generator ( excel based ) :
download : https://docs.ewaybillgst.gov.in/Documents/bulkewb/EWB_Preparation_Tool0219.xlsm

(Please Download and Check Before Reading Further)

so if we can add section (e-way bill - optional feilds) to sales invoice : then we can ask user( person creating invoice ) to provide fields that are not available in erpnext

then we can get fields like company name, gstin number, products etc from erpnext

after that make copy of original sheet and insert all details to that excel sheet and give option to download it to local computer then user can validate and create json using excel sheet

features like : if product is eligible for eway bill can be added later for now user can just remove that product from generated excel sheet

one pro i can think of it in movement is that as we validate it using excel sheet provided by portal itself we don’t have to worry about error handling and it is good that user can double check before uploading it to portal as most user are familiar with excel but they are not with json

open for suggestions, help or working together (i am not familiar with erpnext database or api structure)