What is wrong in this

frappe.ui.form.on(‘Emp’, {
refresh(frm) {
// your code here
cur_frm.cscript.custom_delivery_date = function(doc, cdt, cd){
cur_frm.set_value(“date_of_retirement”, frappe.datetime.add_years(doc.date_of_birth, 60));

@silocoegypt cur_frm.cscript.custom_x is a legacy API pattern and is already deprecated!

Also, there’s no need to write this code inside the “refresh”, you can do this

frappe.ui.form.on('Emp', {
    'refresh': {},
    'delivery_date': frm => {
        frm.doc.date_of_birth && frm.set_value('date_of_retirement', frappe.datetime.add_years(frm.doc.date_of_birth, 60));

Keep in mind that this will be triggered on the change of delivery_date field, and only will execute of there’s an value at date_of_birth due frm.doc.date_of_birth && verification prefix

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thanks for your help