What is your ERPNext update strategy?


ERPNext updates are pushed to git very frequently. I am curious as to how people deal with this in productions systems.

Do you update production systems often to mirror the repository changes or do stay with a fixed commit point and only update when absolutely necessary?

The context is that I am working on a new ERPNext multi-tenant installation and while I have decades of software engineering behind me, I’m new to ERPNext.


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I update about monthly. I have 2 environments = dev and prod. When it is time for upgrade, I restore the prod database to dev and test the basics. At this point dev and prod are running same code base. I upgrade dev to latest code via bench update. Assuming I am able to upgrade with no issue I then run through a collection of tests for the modules I use. Assuming I find no issues in code testing, I then upgrade prod. If I find issues, I open discuss conversations here and if its determined to be a bug I open a git issue and wait until they are fixed and repeat the process. All work in dev until its 100% good and then do prod. By doing monthly updates, it is keeping the number of changes to a minimum, so my users don’t have a huge learning curve when changes are made.


Excellent points, James. Thanks for sharing your expertise.