What port nunmbers are required for ERPNext?

I know I read this on the forum somewhere last week and now I cannot find it in the searches.

I want to set UFW firewall on Ubuntu to active, but I need to know which ports need to be open first. When I set it to active without doing any “allow” settings ERPNExt stopped working and port 22 went closed so I could not even SSH into it. I had to relaod the OS and start over.

So now I know to set port2 22, 80, and I think 443. But I seem to remember there are about 2 more required ports ofr ERPNext to run.

Can anyone point me to the post that had that info?


Any ideas where I can find this information?

I really want to be able to turn on the Ubunu firewall, but I don’t want to break ERPNExt again.


8000 for development and 80 for production

Are you running on a VM or local?

Running on a paid VPS server (KVM type so we can get swap space) from our hosting provider.


Need ports basic 22, 80, 3306

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Awesome! Thank you. I knew there was one I was forgetting.