What "Role Permission" am I missing?

When I converted my data from v10 to v13 all of the role permissions converted well, but they are apparently not sufficient to allow my workers to customize their Home Desk screen.

When customizing the Home Desk screen they can already add shortcut links to Doc Types and Reports, but they are unable to add shortcuts for Pages.

When they attempt to select the “Page” they get an error of insufficient permissions for Pages.

What Role permission do I need to give them so they can add page shortcuts in the customization of their desk screens?

BKM :nerd_face:

There are two places to dig in further:

  1. Via role permission manager for the doctype page

  1. The permission manager for page and reports which will provide access to specific pages

I would suggest starting with point 2 and then working backwards to point 1 if it doesn’t help.