What will be the effect on purchase and sale price of an item who has different UOM

I buy in Box and sell in NOS, each Box has 3 Nos. I have set the NOS price as 30000 but the individual NOS price should be 10000 at the time of sale. How Can I set the conversion factor for this to automatically fetch individual NOS sale prices?
And the 2nd question is that if I purchase in Box and sell in NOS, what should be the default unit of measure?
Please anyone


  1. Create Item with Stock UOM as Nos. and set the UOM conversion as below.

  1. Define the Sales price in the Selling UOM. If you are selling in Nos. than set the Sales price in B=Nos.

  2. You can purchase in the Box and the put the purchase price for the Box in the Purchase order.

System will covert the Total Box cost to each number based on the conversion factor automatically.

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Thank You