What's the best known restaurant POS integration?


I’m looking for ready paid/community restaurant POS integrations with ERPNext.


What exactly you would like the pos to do vs erpnext backend? For restaurant most of the technical stuff is on backend the client end user options are similar for invoicing with exception of printing prodution order in the kitchen with specific receipt layout.

I simply need a faster way for users to capture orders and these to end up as invoices. The customer doesnt like the form-based ordering system compared to what they’re already using (Future POS).

In short:

  1. Fast graphical ordering with tags
  2. Order to Table mapping
  3. Kitchen printing as you have put it

Try to check


Only satisfies (1) as of now, but could, of course, be extended.

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How much are they/you willing to invest in this?



I think you missed the point Jay. It appears they are more interested in speed to implementation. This is likely why @adam26d was asking for a ready made add-on for ERPNext.

I have been in similar binds with potential clients. If I cannot find a ready made bolt on for ERPNext then I have to adopt a different product altogether to fit their needs. Most of the time it wouldn’t matter how much they would be willing to spend on development. It becomes all about fixing their problem as fast as possible.

The latest trends in new clients is wanting solutions they can implement in ‘days’ and not ‘months.’ I am not sure why this is the case but it has been building this way for about the past year now here in the USA.

Apparently they are educating themselves on the implementation process through readings of forums related to ERP topics. This is NOT always the best source of answers but by the time I get to sit down with them they are asking questions directly related to how much time is required to get the system running and their employees trained in order to minimize data errors. Prior to last August, I had not encountered the kinds of negative questions that I have been hearing lately.

I do not know if it is related to some other company creating a bunch of dissatisfied clients recently, or if some other forces are at work. All I can be sure of is that most new clients are not interested in any development work because it would delay their implementation and they have evidently read enough to know that it can come with substantial debugging time. We have not been able to book any new development work in over 5 months. Everyone want a quick system startup and whatever it takes to minimize the learning curve. This makes it difficult to extend our beloved system.

That is our experience. Your mileage may vary…


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@JayRam we do Windows based restaurant pos. My feeling is that it won’t be easy to make graphical interface like the regular restaurant module into ERPNext. There are many aspects starting from

  1. Type of order. Dine in, take away and delivery
  2. Seating arrangements
  3. Items categories
  4. Print bill before payment
  5. Bills split
  6. Tables merge and delete
  7. KOT print with notes
  8. Modifiers
  9. Combo

And list goes on. I would rather do a whole ERPNext than a small one branch restaurant.

Hey everyone!

Thanks for pitching in on the discussion. @JayRam, when I asked the question my thinking was along the lines of what @bkm has stated.

Some good news, I’ve been hard at work the past 7 days trying to integrate Unicenta oPOS an open source POS with ERPNext v12. I decided to use Myddleware because I needed a quick solution, in hindsight learning/working with Frappe/Python on a connector would have been a better solution (portable/replicable) and probably taken just as much time.

I also changed the POS to SambaPOS because it has a far better UX and database structure (not too normalised/fragmented). I think its a better solution even though it is no longer open source. It has a very fair once-off price of $250.

The major downside is that SambaPOS runs on MS SQL.

Here’s what I’ve been able to do:

  • Sync Customers
  • Sync Tables
  • Sync Item Groups and Items
  • Sync Sales Invoices with
    • Included Sales Invoice Items
    • Sales Invoice Payments

Here’s what I need to do:

  • Automatically mark invoices as Paid, they’re coming in as drafts even if I set the status to Paid
    • I’m thinking of creating a script for this
  • Deduct sales stock from ERPNext
    • Considering my current skills and time I’m thinking of creating BOMs (Recipes) in SambaPOS and sending these as Stock Issue Entries to ERPNext.
    • No production is necessary because the Kitchen will get a printout Order from SambaPOS
    • Non production Items, like drinks, will either have a 1-to-1 Recipe (preferred for its simplicity)
    • OR be deducted via the normal Update Stock mechanism in Sales Invoice. While Kitchen items will be non-stock items deducted with the same Stock Issue transaction type described above.

Please recommend any improvements if you think any of this can be done better.

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Hello @Muzzy

Where’s your windows solution?

Hello @ccfiel I couldn’t understand the TailPOS solution without documentation. The main TailPOS documentation doesn’t mention Table Orders, etc.

Hi, that’s good work on Samba POS. Didn’t get what you trying to ask me.

Other open source pos you can try are
Chromis (fork of Unicenta)
Floreant POS, excellent UI but some restrictions on features.

I’ve looked into all those options already before making my decision. Thank you @Muzzy

We have been using Odoo POS and this app. Odoo POS Restaurant (Community) | Odoo Apps Store

There was to much of a gap in ERPNext POS for the clients that we are working with


I am interested in this project , I have used Samba a few years back.

What is the flow for this integration ??

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MS SQL (SambaPOS DB) → Myddleware (PHP/Mysql) → ERPNext (Frappe API)

There are few “unnecessary” complexities to the project. For instance, if the scope is just to send Purchase and Sales Invoices to ERPNext then its a fairly good minimal viable product. Stock can be managed within SambaPOS quite easily compared to ERPNext, the problem is that this only works for one site and I need a way to report everything in detail within ERPNext. So far I have done the Sales and it’s working quite well. SambaPOS is beautiful and really makes the buying process ultra easy for almost any type of purchase.

Another problem is that SambaPOS is an Offline system, it only supports MS SQL, so using my technique you need to database replication to the Cloud server. But maybe this may be overcome through myddleware since it can connect to a remote server (think connectivity issues).I’ve raised this with the myddleware team and they indicated that it may be tolerant to connectivity issues, in its own way.

I think there’ll be a better solution for this, given proper resources. Such an integration would be better done in code, learning from the successes of other third-party ERPNext connectors.

So far I’m pleased that it works and can be improved on. And SambaPOS brings a whole lot of new possibilities when selling.

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With respect to your draft issue …this could be because of some limitations in ERPNext set up. For instance is inventory set to accept negative values ? Is there any customer credit limits set etc.

Check all the possible reasons for ERPNext to bounce an invoice and you could solve the draft issue .


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Do you have a guide to integrate the app to erpnext?

Hi @adam26d sorry for the late reply. Just saw your post while browsing this thread. We offer Ezee Burpp. Works well with Intel Celeron based POS.


@Muzzy have you integrated this POS with ErpNext?