What's the best way of using the POS?

Hi all!

I’m looking forward to using ERPNext in our business. The only part of ERPNext I’m struggling with is the handling of the POS interface. And I can’t find any documentation nor video that explains how it’s thought to use the POS.

Could anybody point me in the direction of a POS documentation or video?
Or could anybody explain me best practice how to use the POS?
And last but not least: Is there anybody using POS productively?

That would really be helpfull!

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Welcome to ERPNext frehu01

You have seen and viewed these that should help some

“The only part of ERPNext I’m struggling with is the handling of the POS interface”

Give specific details of what escapes you, include a screenshot if possible.

Quite often your question has been already asked, if you play with search keywords you can discover the answer for yourself or with some pointers from others here.

have fun

Hi Clark

Thanks a lot for your reply and the welcoming!

I have found these videos allready. But they’re all not really what I’m looking for. First of all, the only video I’ve found that shows the current surface is ERPNext for Retailers - YouTube. But it doesn’t really show how the POS is thought to be used.

I don’t have specific details I can give. I’m looking for information on how to use the POS in general. But I can give some more specific questions on what I don’t know yet:

  • How do I give discount on the end price (not on the item)?
  • Say the customer wants to pay in cash, I enter it, then he changes his mind and wants to pay by creditcard. What’s the fastest way to change that?
  • Can I use POS for customer complaints?
  • What’s the best way to find an item considered you have 100 items in stock and no barcode? (in the video he works with 10 items only)
  • How do I tell ERPNext to automatically print and open a new cart when I press submit?

Thanks again for your help!
I hope I’ve made myself a bit clearer.