What's the best way to duplicate a core module?

What would be the best way to duplicate a core module? I know that I can probably copy paste the folder, but I’m asking in case there’s a better way.

My usecase for this is the following: My team wants to start its own software project management module. ERPNext already provides a Project module, which we would like to enhance, rather than start from scratch, in our own project.

Is there a better way to achieve the desired results?

If your enhancements are generic develop on erpnext and send in Pull request. Get your enhancements merged with the core. Thats the best way in the long run.

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No, we want to have project core and add/remove parts to make it a software project management system.
It will fill a certain need: A development team/company can connect their projects with ERPnext (sales, management, customer cummication etc) and also with the version control (branch, issues, make this Task and TODO, auto generate TASK as issue etc).

Please imagine the core team of ERPnext to have the ability to manage the github repo within the ERPnext.

So, we seeking a generic way to have a duplicate the Project module

@kickapoo may be is better custom field to export to an custom app and extend code function if needed …

Sorry @JoEz I didn’t understand what you mean. To export the module using
fixtures custom field? Or to write custom fields over the core module?

I don’t see why these aren’t things that could be used for the ERP code. There is discussion in another thread with creating Version Control for attached documents. As well, ToDos already exist in the Frappe framework. Issues is a general concept that most companies might have to address.

I’d suggest trying to contribute and add these features to the main ERP code. The Projects module is one that could be significantly improved, and it sounds like you are going to be putting in the development effort either way.

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Both …create a new app, export custom fields and extend functions u need …it seems to me the best way …probably core team can help on this…

edit: I agree with @Ben_Cornwell_Mott

@JoEz Ty … I will try this

@Ben_Cornwell_Mott All this will be contribute. The idea is to have a setting that will “alter” core project module to software project management if the erpnext user wants. We will inherite from core DocTypes/Module like ToDo Issues etc. We need the duplication in order to have a clear dev-core environment to start.

You have to think it as an optional expansion of the core Project module.

@kickapoo share mockups etc and lets see how much of the changes can be pushed into erpnext itself.

@neilLasrado, sorry for the late response. I will share during the week our full plan :slight_smile:

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@kickapoo lets create a new Issue on GitHub and share the designs there.