What's the best way to import more then 4k records when create a site?


I have a SQL with contains more then 4k records to be imported when I create a new site…

I know the best practice for frappe is use json… so my question is:

  • How the best way to import these?
  • If is using json, how can I convert the SQL into json? Doing these manually is not possible :smile:


➜  frappe-bench bench import-csv --help   
Usage: bench  import-csv [OPTIONS] PATH

  Import CSV using data import tool

  --only-insert             Do not overwrite existing records
  --submit-after-import     Submit document after importing it
  --ignore-encoding-errors  Ignore encoding errors while coverting to unicode
  --help                    Show this message and exit.

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Yeah! But I don’t have CSV file, I have a SQL file, with INSERT option each line… :slight_smile: It’s possible to import using SQL file? Or just JSON / CSV ?