What's the best way to Sell Web Hosting Services?

Hello, first of all I’d like to thank you for this amazing ERP.

I’m trying to understand what would be the best way to setup ERPNext in order to sell Web Hosting Services while keeping track of available resources stock.

  • We have, for example, 10000mb available in our server.
  • We use different Plans, for example, ‘Starter Plan (500mb) - €50/month’ and ‘Business Plan (1000mb) - €70/month’.
  • I want to sell one Plan to a client and ‘deduct’ the amount of space (in mb) from the available resources.

I understand I can create a manufacturing process that takes mb and converts them into Plans, however this forces me to create the plans previously and keep a “sock” of Plans, I DON’T want this as it adds unnecessary workload and complexity.

My goal is to keep the process transparent to the Employee who will be creating the Sales Orders and Invoices while allowing me to keep track of the available resources for the various Web Hosting Plans.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Side Note About me:
The goal of this note is to help you understand roughly understand my business.
I run a micro Graphic and Web Design & Development business. We are primarily into Services with a now and then retail sale of stationary to our clients. We also provide Web Hosting services to host websites we developed.


You should be able to manage this with lot more efficiently by using our upcoming product product Bench Central.

Please stay connected on forum for update on release of Bench Central.

@Antonio_Pinto we don’t track resources on the ERP, just the plans!

I understand this is a bit of an hack.
However isn’t it possible using stocks?

It looks promising as a deploy system, but how would it help me manage hosting space? :slight_smile: