Whats the easiest way to add a note to a Quotation in ERPNext?

ie I need to add a note about a product that isn’t part of the t&C’s and doesn’t have a cost. Quickbooks allows you to add a line of text as well as product lines to a quote.

I can’t see that I can quite do this out of the box … am I right ? How have others tackled this situation? Iknow I could add a custom field but I’m a bit reluctant unless absolutely necessary.

I’m using V9, but will be moving to V10 in the not too distant future

You can edit the description, or if its internal, add a custom field.

Hi @Julian_Robbins

Trying editing the description. We’ve found that to be the best option for these kinds of things. It comes out well in the print format


Thanks for help both.

In the end I really needed a separate note not linked to the items themselves so went for a custom field and have this in our quote templates . Works great :grinning:

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I have a similar question - or issue:

We need free texts inbetween items, also a variable number, sometimes ten items per quotations and four or six texts inbetween them, in different positions.

Any clues on how to solve this issue?