Whats the most stable version of ERPNext


I want to know what the most stable version of ERPNext and frappe is and if its an older version how to install it properly without any issue. the reason i ask is because v11 right now still has fixes which means its still has bugs


v11 is the latest stable version. All software has bugs, but open source software bugs are normally fixed quicker because the community contributes to the process.

Use v10 it is still a supported version and does not get the constant updates. Any bugs it is are already well documented and you can work around them. At least it doesnot get updates every week.

Install it the same as you would any other version (Easy Install Script) but just add 2 switches to the command to lool like this:

sudo python install.py --production --user frappe --frappe-branch v10.x.x --erpnext-branch v10.x.x

It is missing a POS receipt print format for online sales but you can add one back in by selecting the disabled one and making a duplicate of it, then enabling the duplicate.

Hope this helps