Whats the significance of default warehouse for items?


Whats the significance of default warehouse for items?

I want to create items without assigning default warehouse.

We have three diifferent warehouses. There is nothing like a main warehouse which i can assign as default warehouse.

I unchecked mandatory field in item doctype but while trying to create new item default warehouse is still mandatory.

Can someone explain…


@Basawaraj_Savalagi How did you unchecked whereas it is not mandatory by setup.

Also, default warehouse is mandatory for every item as it is required to automatically transfer the material to the default store at the time of receiving. If you do not have any default warehouse then create a new warehouse with the name “Incoming Warehouse”, so that all the items received will first go to the “Incoming Warehouse” and then after you can transfer them to the desired store. You cannot override the default store functionality it is standard and basic functionality.

Hi Ruchin thanks for your reply…

I thought I have manually unchecked it!!

Anyway when I can specifically choose a warehouse during ‘purchase receipt’…Why create another “incoming warehouse” and then transfer to actual warehouse?? Whats the point of doing that?

We have three warehouses and our suppliers directly deliver material to the warehouse we mention in the PO.

@Basawaraj_Savalagi there is no specific reason for default warehouse, just to ease entry.

@Basawaraj_Savalagi I can tell you the reason of having default store, if there is no default store for an item then for every transaction you need to select the store like Material Request, Purchase Order, Purchase Receipt etc. and for bulk data where you have many items in the transaction it becomes a tedious task to do it. Default store is the store where maximum item belongs to your inventory resides. As far as incoming store is concern it is actually a store where the material resides upto the inspection stage and after the quality inspection it moves to the default store.

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