What's your plan with chat?

Dear Frappe team. Thank you for your remarkable work with ERPNext, especially with the v13 version.

Please let us know what’s your plan with integrated team and customer personal and group chat.

It worked on v12, but it doesnt on v13. Did you dropped this feature? I need to know, because its time to make decision to wait for fix or start using some chat app, like slack together with ERPNext.

Sorry to tag you guys, but I have already asked twice without any feedback and I did not find any information about this in roadmaps nor relevants threads/issues.

@rmehta @nabinhait

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Same issue here. In fact, chat was working for me in previous test vm a couple months ago using 13-beta. My current install vm was made more recently and is v13 (non beta) using the single file easy install script.

In my node-socketio.log I see…

Users have chat enabled on desk but there is no icon for chat.

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same here buddy,no chat icon nor does the email inbox work… i am on 13.1.0
i guess 99% erpnext users are on 12 still…

check this:

yes thanks mate i saw that too earlier today… but i cannot see email icon too …
now i have again installed version 12 but still cant see the email icon…

have added email domain, then email account, added to a user too but still cant see the email icon … very frustrating…

Is email icon available in v 12 & 13 ?