What's your usecase of new KanBan feature?

I was exited to hear there is a KanBan integrated in the new v8. I just can’t really get it to work in a useful way yet.

Therefore I’d be interested to hear about actual usecases and learn from that


ok. here is one I fugured out myself

  1. Doctype: Task (Project)
  2. KanBan based on field: Status
    you can either use the existing statuses or adjust them with Customize Form
  3. KanBan setup: using 4 (of 6 existing) statuses so I have now Open, Working, Closed & Cancelled. The 2 not used are deleted in the Kanban setup (but still exist, just not visible in KanBan view)

This gives me a Kanban with 4 Columns where I can move Tasks around in.


  • I think the Status field of Tasks is the exact same for every task and in every project, so setting this up needs to be thought trough well
  • the view of KanBan does not update nice autmatically, so you need to refresh your browser with every change (this has already an issue on github and has been labeled to hotfix, so there should be cure underway.
  • the KanBan View does not use much space of the screen, so in case you have more then 4 columns you’d need to scroll left & right constantly to see everything

@vrms for One of our customer, we migrated asana to Project and Task in ERPNext.

  1. Project, Task, ToDO is used to Replace Asana.
  2. Kanban view is alternative to Project Dashboard in Asana.
  3. We can not customise asana, but we can customise ERPNext, set custom Email Alert, this migration will be very helpful for customer.


looks pretty similar to what I have figured out.

how do you combine ToDO and project Task in one KanBan practically? I mean >Tools >ToDo, tha’s what your are talking about right?

What’s the advantage to combine those? why not only Tasks?

and finally did you overcome the visibility, scrolling issue? I mean as soon you have moe then 4 columns you can not display them on one screen

In asana it is easy to assign task to some other, and it will send notification to assigned person.
To assign Task, we use ToDo, So one task can be assigned to Multiple person

In above kanban screen shot you can see assigned person profile photo

For visibility issue, you can put important 4 column first and then other column at right side, so you don’t need overtime scrolling.

you mean you …

  1. create task (assigned to a user)
  2. create a ToDo for the user from above to notify him/her of the task he/she has been assigned to?

So, on completion the assignee has to close the task and close the related ToDo, right ?
The KanBan itself only shows the tasks, correct?

I guess you may have sending automated notification to assignee of a task at a prominent point on your wishlist then.

But, wait a minute … I am not really savvy with notifications and assignments in ERPNext yet but you can assign a task to user. Doesn’t that trigger the notifications you’d want to have? (Edit: apparently not Sending Email alerts according to field values · Issue #14749 · frappe/frappe · GitHub)

do you face any problems with filtering a KanBan (by project i.e)?
(like Filter not being applied without refreshing the browser. But refreshing the browser clearing the filters?)

Looks like Trello :smile:

@vrms @johnskywalker
What we like in ERPNext is, we can easily customise it, Asana or Trello we can not customise.

We create task and assign it to user.
We don’t need auto task close when closing a ToDo as we have multiple ToDo for same task, Like one person is working on task and another person review it when status changed from Open to Pending Review.
But if you need to close Task on closing ToDo we can do it using customisation.

Filter doesn’t work for first time, but after reloading it start working. I think there is some issue with refresh event.

Dear @vrms , I need to apply kanban view in POS items how that can be

I tried
1- http://rubaxa.github.io/Sortable/
2- Sortable | jQuery UI

but not working !

also i need doing something like this.

column one cross column two

please. give me any hint to start

best regards ,