When a sales invoice is paid, linked sales order does not change status to "completed"


I have a lot of sales orders that has sales invoices in “paid” status, however, sales orders appear as “late” instead of “completed”.

Why is that and which troubleshooting can I do?


Generally, Sales order status after submit is To Deliver and Bill. So you need to create a Delivery Note and Sales Invoice for it’s status to be Complete.

The status is shown “Overdue” even though the invoice is paid because the items are not delivered and it is past the Delivery Date set in the Sales Order.

There are two ways you can fix this:

  1. Create a Delivery Note from the Invoice using the Create button.
  2. If you do not wish to create the Delivery Note, then while creating the invoice, make sure you select the “Update Items” checkbox as shown below:

Hope this helps.

Thanks! unfortunately all invoices are already in valid state, so I could not select “Update Items” checkbox. Finally I had to create delivery notes for every overdue sales order and now they appear as Complete.

I will use that checkbox next time I create a new sales invoice.