When configuring the View Settings for the Title Field it overrides the Field Name in the DocType


  • What happened to the field “Mã đơn vị(code_unit)” it was overwritten by a string slug from the field “Tên đơn vị(name_unit)”? expect is “Mã đơn vị(code_unit)” is “55”

note: Remember this DocType I configured for Field code_parent Link directly to Doctype

Someone help me. Thank you!

My problem is to create an Administrative Directory (Province, District, Ward)

  • I created a DocType Unit that has three types of provinces, districts, and ward. It was so faulty. It doesn’t work properly when there is a code_parent field of type Link that is directly associated with the DocType itself. name field in DocType is not saved correctly when performing “Title Field” configuration

  • I have created 3 new DocType province,district,ward to replace that 1 DocType. It works properly without a Link type field directly associated with the DocType itself. With these 3 DocTypes, the name field saved the correct data

note: I use a field code_parent of type Link to associate district with province, ward with district