When create multiple variants,ERPNEXT will indicate “Item …… already exists”

as shown:

But there’s really only one item in the system:

This is the version number:

Remove all filters from the Item list and search for the item. If an item with the same name is already available, it will not be created again because the item code is a unique ID.

I can’t even delete all the items and create a brand new item

But if I just create single variant, it works!

Even 012345-XS, which was prompted earlier to already exist, can be

Which version?


Kindly upgrade your version 15 because everything is working fine. No problems were encountered in the latest version 15.

I upgraded to this version and the system still doesn’t work as expected. In your video only one Variant Attributes is added for the variants item, can you try adding 2 Variant Attributes?

When I add only 1 Variant Attributes, sometimes it works and sometimes this pops up

Seems to be the same bug as here:
Varianten generieren - Community / German Community - Frappe Forum

I created 2 Variant Attributes of my own and had no problems using them in turn