When creating a salary slip, employee is picked automatically

When creating a new salary slip, where the current user is an employee, the employee field is filled automatically as the current user. I’m sure this is by design, but it bothers our HR Manager who just does salaries. Could someone point me to the code to change this?


I am not sure but you can try comment out this code line in salary_slip.js
cur_frm.add_fetch('employee', 'company', 'company');

Only affects the company field in salary slip.
For now I’m changing the value of the employee field onload if it’s a local doc. Kind of hacky I’d say.

// On load
// -------------------------------------------------------------------
cur_frm.cscript.onload = function(doc,dt,dn){
	if((cint(doc.__islocal) == 1) && !doc.amended_from){
		if(!doc.month) {
			var today=new Date();
			month = (today.getMonth()+01).toString();
			if(month.length>1) doc.month = month;
			else doc.month = '0'+month;
		if(!doc.fiscal_year) doc.fiscal_year = sys_defaults['fiscal_year'];
		doc.employee = ""; // Test fix for automatic employee field being set.
		refresh_many(['month', 'fiscal_year']);

If you set the Employee value through User Permissions Manager to particular user then employee get auto-selected when this user loged in.
Refer following link -

And this code is for fetching company value on selection of employee from employee master.